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Sibling frame - Shahaan and Ridhaan

♥️ Adorable frame 👉 June 2018 for baby Shahaan .

♥️ Second baby cast 👉 August 2021 for baby Ridhaan

♥️ Mumma Juhi planned to make one frame for both babys but with mirroring pics . At first set of discussion which looked so easy , turned up really challenging for the styling team

♥️ it was real challenge to have both pics same posture and expression similarities

♥️ It took a while but whole frame concept looked super super adorable

♥️ we are happy to listen to our client’s ideas , listening to customers is about connecting with them. It involves paying close attention to their needs and understanding how you can help them getting their dream keepsakes.

♥️ your baby is precious. So are their memories

Get one done for your baby 👈 baby hands n feet life casting studio - Delhi.

Give the gift that they'll never forget...

Find out more :

Ph : 9871426853, 9717566397 ,


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