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Pet Paws Casting 

Dogs and cats are  man’s best friend. You can plan a life cast of your pets paw print and display it in your home as a cherished keepsake!

Capture your special friend's unique paw impression and have it turned into a beautiful 3D cast to create a memory and keepsake that will last forever.
Similar to baby hand and feet casting, we  use completely safe and non-harmful seaweed based product  which will capture the amazing detail of your furry friend's paw.
Your 3D paw can then be produced to your choice of finishes from plain white gypsum or coloured/ metallic.  

Losing a pet is heartbreaking and if the time has come to say goodbye and you would like to capture your faithful friend's paw , a session can be arranged

To book a session, please call us at 9871426853, 9717566397 or write to us @

Takes only minutes…lasts forever...

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