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What are the casts made of ?

We pour a high quality sculpting medium into the moulds which we have taken of your babies hands and feet.


How do we take the impression?

We take a mold of your babies hands and feet by placing a foam type consistency mixture around their little hand and foot which takes approximately 30 seconds to set. Once this has set we gently remove the mold.


Is it safe?

Yes, the casting process we use is completely non-toxic to babies skin.We are using the same material for 1-2 day old newborn baby's.


Is it framed ?

Absolutely. We  custom make all of our frames so we can produce a frame for you to suit your individual circumstances.


Delivery Time period ?

Normally we take one week to give you the final piece.

Does my baby need to be asleep to do the casting? 

No, however it’s helpful if baby has been fed before the appointment, as they will be more relaxed.


What About Handcasting Kits I See Advertised on the Internet?

We have seen them too. Handcasting Kits that promise you that you can, are stuck with a funny looking, defective casting.


Cancellation / Refund policy

Hand and feet impressions are customized artefacts. Custom orders begin production immediately upon order and are built to your specifications.  They cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time. THERE IS NO 'CHANGE OF HEART' RETURN/ EXCHANGE POLICY. 

We don't recommend them and here's why :

The kits are advertised as though any one take some gel, make a mold, fill it up with casting material and make a beautiful hand casting. Frequently these kit castings have missing fingertips and other defects. Unfortunately by the time people figure out that thier kit castings does not look good, the moment they were trying to capture has passed. Now is the time to capture the moment and do it right !

Professional sculptors are trained in all the ins - and - outs of the hand casting business. They know how to get the fingertips and they know properly finish and perpare a casting for display.

You could spend as much on a kit as you do on a professionally-done hand casting from  You might spend as much  or more  for repair  or completion  of your kits casting as you would have for a casting in the first place. Why not get it done right  the first time ?

Call us to discuss your requirements : -  9871426853 , 9717566397  

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