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Baby's Hands and feet Impressions

If you are looking to capture the wondrous memories of your newborn baby, a baby hand cast or foot cast is a great way of preserving those precious first moments.

Those first few weeks of a baby’s life often go by in a whirlwind of visits from family and friends, amidst feelings of pride and joy and in a haze of love. Before you know it, your babe-in-arms is a toddler, and shortly after that, you are waving them off to their first day at school.

How can you possibly capture the moments when their tiny toes fit into the smallest of shoes, and their little fist is only big enough to wrap around one of your fingers? We will help you cast your little baby hand and feet casts , frame them beautifully. Call us at 9871426853, 9654136795 ,

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