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Some of recent work for Aug 2018

Thank you all beautiful mommys Pauleen – Punjabi Bagh, Nikita - Saket, Isha Girdhar – Saiik Farm, Isha – Green Park and Disha - faridabad, Vartika - Patparganj.

Last few recent work included Baby Abeer, Baby Nitya Gupta, Riaana and Reyansh, Baby Vedansh Laroia, Baby Sourish, baby Gunit.

Every day we come across so many beautiful clients who are so keen to get their baby’s hands n feet imprints casted.

Real Showstoppers are these cute lil munchkins who give amazing impressions. It’s really fun to be with these lil babies.

Baby hand and foot casts are something that will stay with you forever.

A baby print is a special, personalised gift that will remind you of your child’s early months and years, with all your baby’s unique physical qualities stored in your own bespoke piece of art. Every baby impression captures the lines and curves of your baby’s feet and hands, and months or years later, you’ll find yourself comparing the size they are now with the size they were then. Ph. 9871426853

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