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Baby gift was included with castings


This beautiful frame we did for Mrs Vinita Yadav's baby Redan from Faridabad.


Casts came up beautifully with all the line details. Mommy wanted to include a gift received by the baby - 4 figurine baby statue set which we added in the frame.

Brilliant idea indeed....

Baby hand and foot casts are something that will stay with you forever, and can easily become a feature piece in your home. Think of it as a unique ornament, as nobody else will have the same cast, that you would be proud to display on your mantelpiece. It’s something special that you can show to your child once grown up, and they can show theirs in years to come.

Nothing can replace the incredible memories of holding your child for the first time, and watching them grow up into who they are today. However, there are ways to enhance those memories and make them last forever – 3D casts are just one of our favorites. It’s something that you might think you’re not missing out on if you haven’t had them done, but you won’t appreciate the true quality of a cast until it’s in your possession.

If you want to find out more information about our baby hand and foot casts or to book an appointment, please get in touch with us. ph : 9871426853 Meena , 9717566397 - Jai


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