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Why it’s better to have the baby hands n feet casting session at home

Everyone feels better in their own home, and this is true of babies too: during a casting session at home your baby will be in a familiar environment, and will therefore be more relaxed. Toys and food are at hand to keep your little one distracted, and there is minimum disruption to your day – not only does a home casting mean that new mums don’t have to venture outside if they’re a bit anxious about doing so, but we can even fit in around baby’s routine to offer both new parents and babies a minimum of disruption – whether your little one needs a nap, a feed or winding, casting sessions at home mean that we can work around it.

The casting process

Once the mousse is mixed, it’s important that baby is comfortable. It’s often best if baby can be fed whilst the cast is taken, as your little one will be totally relaxed and supple. Then the hand or foot is placed within the casting mousse! And this is where the magic is created: the wiggliest of tiny fingers and toes will be captured. It takes about a minute for the mousse to set. Some babies manage to sleep through the whole process, although most don’t. It’s a strange sensation after all, but it doesn’t hurt, and most are just intrigued by the process.

Once the mousse is set to a rubbery texture, the hand or foot is gently removed from the cast to leave a perfect impression, capturing every little wrinkle and nuance of your baby’s fingers or toes. The casting itself is done in a matter of minutes. What if a home casting session isn’t an option? If a home casting session isn’t an option for you, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways for us to create beautiful baby keepsakes for you. Our artist also does a venue visit.

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