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Welcome to, New Delhi , India


We create an  exact replica of your baby's hand and feet casting.


When it comes to your own baby, you want to remember those tiny, perfect little hands and feet. This is how you do it: cast your baby's tiny hands and feet 

Preserve a hand cast complete with lines, creases, and nails with this exceptional life casting.

Now is the time to capture the fleeting moment that will not return !

Baby's / Newborn's/ kid's Hands and Feet Casting is a beautiful way to capture your Impressive Memories.  Our hands are instantly recognizable and they define us – they are as unique as we are.  Hand casts can be done individually or in couples, as families, with your pets and we also offer a memorial service for bereaved families too. These are the memories that last forever.


Get hands and feet casting of your loved ones done now !

Your little baby's first impressions

We create an  exact replica of your baby's hand and feet casting. Using a gentle casting mousse, we mold your baby’s feet and then turn those molds into unique antique gold, bronze or silver  finish casts. We provide sculpting / casting services for both, young and elders.

Baby's  hands and feet casting  has become a popular keepsake  and is a unique way of capturing those special memories of your child whilst they are still young. You can also preserve the hand impressions of your spouse, friends, family, ancestors and even paw impressions of your pet, remembering the special moments. These timeless keepsakes are beautifully finished and presented for all to admire.

It is the perfect keepsake gift or personalized craft for any age.

One of the most memorable keepsake craft gifts is to create life-size hand casts for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or to preserve newborn's hand or foot print impression.

Make an Appointment Now !  

We are based in New Delhi.... 

Call us  :   9871426853, 9717566397      or Mail us @ 

                                                  How it works


Takes only minutes…but lasts forever... 


Book the casting service with our Representatives . Finalize the frame you want to opt for.


We come to you to take the casts – you don’t even need to leave your home to enjoy our service!


The home visit lasts for around 20-25 minutes and requires no preparation on your part. Baby's involvement in the whole session is only 50-60 seconds per hand and per foot. Its so quick...Taking the molds is a quick and simple process using a very gentle casting mousse and takes less than a minute – we capture even the wiggliest of fingers and toes!


The molds are taken to our workshop to be crafted into your treasured casts.Your finished casts will be safely delivered to you within 5-7 days. If you need them sooner please let us know and we will endeavor to meet any deadline you may have.


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Sibling hand and feet impressions - Delhi

Couple holding hands casting captures the intricate details of engagement and wedding rings. Two hands together, cast in stone or acrylic with antique colour finish of your choice like Antique gold, Silver, Antique Bronze.

 These couple hand castings make an unforgettable wedding or anniversary present,

a unique gift !

We capture time & create beautiful hands & feet sculptures so you will never forget how precious those moments were.

Each three-dimensional sculpture is hand crafted with amazing details, beautifully framed to make a perfect keepsake and a treasure for generations to come.

Make an Appointment Now !  

We are based in New Delhi.... Call us  :   9871426853 - Meena , 9717566397 - Jai     or Mail us @    

Radhika Gupta , New Delhi

Time passes by n to save it as a memory specially if its related to your piece of heart its this work. Thank u Mr. Sunil & team for casting my babies hands n footprints. Its such a beautiful piece of art n unforgettable memory... Thanks fr your gesture n work... Thumbs up to u guys.👍🏻

What our customers say

Nimisha Jaiswal, Bangalore

I wanted to gift my brother something very unique as a wedding present, and I came across the idea of 3D hand printing, googled and find these guys... the amount of research & and time I spent in deciding the gift really paid off, with the manner in which these people dealt with the clients, the concept, the availability, their reach to the clients... everything was impressive.
Needless to say that my brother and his to be wife have loved this gift, the moment in which the impressions were taken was indeed priceless for them.
I am glad I chose this. Highly recommended.

Gurpreet Singh , New Delhi

She is our first baby and the day she was born I was so happy and excited that I was totally out of the world and I did not wanted that moment to go away. So then I decided to get something which will be like something that will remind me this day and I got this done from Meena and trust me what a beautiful piece they have carved. Completely locked my emotions In the frame. Thanks Meena for this

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